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We, as film lovers, be it in any profession, are just hugeee... fans of movies and ofcourse, the celebrities! But, is there any, or I may say, more than one movie that, we've been waiting for them to release, over a long period of time? Maybe, we just love the cast, or the crew, or it may have been a film, whose sequel or remake is awaiting us... in any circumstances, what is that one movie that is keeping you on top of your toes, which you simply can't miss!

On my part, it is undoubtedly "Avatar 2" (2020)! I am a die-hard fan of the "Avatar" (2009) and watched it 5 times in the theatre. Jim Cameron has always been my favorite filmmaker. Been waiting since 2010. 

Let us all know, which is your pick! Take care. Peace.

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